Sunday, 26 April 2009




Saturday, 25 April 2009

Elias Needs A Friend!

My obsessions are wearing thin.
And I can hear dogs barking.
And it's scary.

I cannot think how to start my story.
My mind, it's blank!
Btw, if you have any cool names let me know and use them please.
I might re-do my profile on GSM.
Lets see, interesting things, interesting things...

Memo To Self: Read library book before library decides they want them back!

Friday, 24 April 2009

Shiny, Shiny, Shiny Piece Of Leather...

K, theme today.

Theme: Geeky, uh, males? idk Whatever, I need inspiration.
Two come to mind.

DJ. Qualls
Paul Dano
Inspiration (and excuse for pictures) is for a story i'm writing about a geeky vampire slayer (I use that word lightly) named Elias Dunkle. He's pretty bad-ass for a geek, but uses his books as weapons mainly and (biggest cliché ever) came to me in a dream, so I hope good ol' Elias will speed up my braincells because I have no clue how to start this damn story.
And Eyes Wide Shut is starting, like, now.
See you.

Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Scene It?

Hey, so basically all today I just played board games.
And I saw Michael Clayton which was crap.
Oh and i'm going to do some advertising before I go to school tomorrow.

I love it <3

Monday, 20 April 2009


Hi, it turns out my bird Regie wasn't actual a he.
But a she.
My Mum wants to call it Lilipickle, wtf?
My Mum is obv a hippie at this moment.
Or a Native American.
It's surprising how I got such a normal name.

So i'm pretty psyched.
And I had my hair cut.
Just a trim really, but had it cut shorter than I had before.
AND I GOT A OBSESSION FOR YOU BRAWWWWWW LODDY (As my dear friend Nicole would say)

Obsession No. ??? (Lost count xD): Phoenix Wright. I love it, it's a DS game, so not techinally an anime, but it's that kind of style and it is immense. I love the cases and i've fallen in love with the characters (Especially Miles Edgeworth omg <333 (below)) and the cases and it amuses me and it should be made into a TV and I would be all :D watching and and and and and Apollo Justice is not as good, booooo. I want Edgeworth's cravat though. Nao.

Sunday, 19 April 2009


Yeah, I need sleep.
And I haven't finished RE.
And i'm going to freak out.
But never the less, I found something to amuse you lot, you lucky, lucky things. :)

Same Mother?
Stuart Townsend

Keria Knightley

Saturday, 18 April 2009

What's A Obession, When It Isn't An Obsession?

Obsession No. 10: Sky +. For all your Sky +ing needs.
They need to be fullfilled!

Obsession 10: Carla Bruni. I'll let the pictures do the talking.

After (Aka 41!!!):

She is so beautiful, has a voice of an angel and is courteous and civil. I love her. I remember seeing the picture above in the paper and I was mesmerized.
Hey, have you noticed i've been using more pictures and less text? It's the way the world should be, man. I would have a picture of a Sky + box, but that would be going a little to far.

What's A Door, When It Isn't A Door?

Hi, if you haven't seen City Of God, I suggest you do, it's a very disturbing yet brilliant film. I think the still that's above writing is one of the most incredibly beautiful images i've seen, maybe it's the sun glistening of their skin, idk.
I still haven't completed my RE (!!!), it has to be in Wednesday and i'm never going to do it. I should have started it earlier, but I still insist on mooching off, why am I doing this!?
Why can't I stop writing?
Anyway, on a happier note, i'd like to have this man's babies plz

Adrien Brody is a very good actor and incredibly good looking. Has anyone seen The Pianist? hdgfgefygfrfyigw
Yeah. His acting for superb and all, but concerning a more important aspect of himself, has anyone seen Hollywoodland?
But really though, if your going to watch something, watch The Pianist instead of Hollywoodland for the love of Jesus Christ himself.
Btw, his latest squeeze...

I fail at it.

Friday, 17 April 2009

Oh, and btw...

Obession No. 9: The Buscemi. 'Nuff said.

Stripper Vicar

I would do them all.

Obsession No. 8: Yeah Yeah Yeahs. God, I had their new album 'It's Blitz!' for Easter and I love it, omg. I think they are brilliant. Karen O's 'feline yelps' are stunning, Punk has never been so much fun, including Nick Zinner's ferocious guitar and Brian Chase's pounding drums. They are flash, frisky New Yorkans who fit into the sleek and sexy city.

First listen to Date With A Night, Gold Lion, Zero and Maps, I would say those are starter songs, and they rest is just gravy.
On another note, lol@ this song:-
Got to love it.
And at the moment, i'm just mooching off my RE Assesment, which rly needs to be done. Rly.

Thursday, 16 April 2009

Feed Your Head!

Obsession No. 7: This song -

Obession No. 4 (!!!) And 5... And 6...

Hey, I just thought of one (Go me!!111!!11!)

Obsession No. 4: Bassists. I can't stress enough, but there is something very sensual about a bass. The way you finger it, it's long, streamline body. I've always believed a bass is a representive of a woman, though I do prefer men in the longrun, I am not a prude and I do respect how beautiful a bass's body is. I wish I played a bass, shades on, cool as hell. But I play guitar. Go figure.

Obsession No. 5: Interview With The Vampire. I've only read up to the second book, but it's the most slashable thing ever. Anne Rice might ban slash fanfiction on it, but there are probably a few cults fishing around the interwebz dedicated to it. Basically, The Vampire Louis is all OMG LESTAT IS SO BEAUTIFUL AND SENSUAL AND OMG BUT WHEN I MET ARMAND I FELL IN LOVE WITH HIS BEAUTY STRAIGHT AWAY AND HE CAN LOVE ME AWAY LESTAT COULD HAVE NEVER LOVED /emo
Except obviousy much better written. Read it and love it.

Obsession No. 6: Mod clothing. I love the whole style to death! The tight, striped jeans, the pointed shoes, the block coloured jackets, the ties, the whole androgyny of it! Fashion today is so clad and boring, if only we could go back to the '60s! Watching Quadrophenia roused all of this, the whole 'mods and rockers' era, staring very lovely Phil Daniels (Yes, that Phil Daniels!). I really can't help but buy every block colour jacket I see, even if it costs me a fortune. I now have one in white, black, green, red and blue. I'm well set. ;)

I bid you all a good day.

Wednesday, 15 April 2009


This is my first post here, so I shall start with three obsessions I just mailed Gemma on MSN:

*Obsession No. 1: There Will Be Blood. I;ve seen it twice now and I love it. It should have won Best Picture at the Oscars fo sho. The ending is possible the greatest ending in hisory, Daniel Day Lewis is an amazing actor and i'm total in love with Paul Dano and his preformance even though I totally lol'd at a scene in the second viewing even though the scene is supposed to be serious, but he was supposed to be all LOLHI I'M A CRAZY DEVOUT CATHOLIC AND I AM VERY TALL AND LANKY AND I WILL JUMP EVERYWHERE AND PROVE MY POINT. But the whole film was great and I loved it and omg D:

*Obsession No. 2: Crispin Glover. I know you think he's creepy, rather than sexy, but I looooove him. He keeps taking these crappy roles and I think he just takes whatever script he can get because he must be very desperate even though he's an immense actor and obvs no one can see it 'cause he's not getting any roles and was in EPIC MOVIE I MEAN WTF and OPEN SEASON 2 I mean come on, he must be crying with happiness when he sees a script shoved in his face and probably doesn't even bother to read it. D: Can't blame a man for wanting money, but he's going to be in that new Tim Burton film so yay and he was awesome in Back To The Future/Twister/Charlie's Angels (llol)/What's Eating Gilbert Grape? so :D

*Obsession No. 3: A Clockwork Orange. I don't know what it is, but it is immense. I've been wanting to see it for everrrr now and I finally saw it and loved it. I'm so sad I actually went out looking for a trilby hat today. I've been wanting one for ages and now I really want one, but I tried one on (£12!!!!!!!!). I totally know my Halloween costume this year as the very good looking Malcolm MacDowell as Alex DeLarge (It was going to be Vampira, Gary Gilmore or Adam Ant, but...), but I really think i'm just looking for a excuse to jump on a table and start singing 'Singin' In The Rain'! My Granmother is all "YOU SHOULDN'T BE WATCHING THOSE SORT OF FILMS IT'LL INFLUENCE YOU" and i'm thinking "lol if I tried to break into someone's house and rape them, they'd just pick me up, plop me outside the door and send me on my merry way. A 4ft 10inches and 6stone 4lbs girl is total dangerous innit.

*Obsession No. 4: Uh, lets think...

Yes, I really am that sad.

But there is more to me that that! Promise...