Saturday, 18 April 2009

What's A Door, When It Isn't A Door?

Hi, if you haven't seen City Of God, I suggest you do, it's a very disturbing yet brilliant film. I think the still that's above writing is one of the most incredibly beautiful images i've seen, maybe it's the sun glistening of their skin, idk.
I still haven't completed my RE (!!!), it has to be in Wednesday and i'm never going to do it. I should have started it earlier, but I still insist on mooching off, why am I doing this!?
Why can't I stop writing?
Anyway, on a happier note, i'd like to have this man's babies plz

Adrien Brody is a very good actor and incredibly good looking. Has anyone seen The Pianist? hdgfgefygfrfyigw
Yeah. His acting for superb and all, but concerning a more important aspect of himself, has anyone seen Hollywoodland?
But really though, if your going to watch something, watch The Pianist instead of Hollywoodland for the love of Jesus Christ himself.
Btw, his latest squeeze...

I fail at it.

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