Monday, 20 April 2009


Hi, it turns out my bird Regie wasn't actual a he.
But a she.
My Mum wants to call it Lilipickle, wtf?
My Mum is obv a hippie at this moment.
Or a Native American.
It's surprising how I got such a normal name.

So i'm pretty psyched.
And I had my hair cut.
Just a trim really, but had it cut shorter than I had before.
AND I GOT A OBSESSION FOR YOU BRAWWWWWW LODDY (As my dear friend Nicole would say)

Obsession No. ??? (Lost count xD): Phoenix Wright. I love it, it's a DS game, so not techinally an anime, but it's that kind of style and it is immense. I love the cases and i've fallen in love with the characters (Especially Miles Edgeworth omg <333 (below)) and the cases and it amuses me and it should be made into a TV and I would be all :D watching and and and and and Apollo Justice is not as good, booooo. I want Edgeworth's cravat though. Nao.

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