Wednesday, 15 April 2009


This is my first post here, so I shall start with three obsessions I just mailed Gemma on MSN:

*Obsession No. 1: There Will Be Blood. I;ve seen it twice now and I love it. It should have won Best Picture at the Oscars fo sho. The ending is possible the greatest ending in hisory, Daniel Day Lewis is an amazing actor and i'm total in love with Paul Dano and his preformance even though I totally lol'd at a scene in the second viewing even though the scene is supposed to be serious, but he was supposed to be all LOLHI I'M A CRAZY DEVOUT CATHOLIC AND I AM VERY TALL AND LANKY AND I WILL JUMP EVERYWHERE AND PROVE MY POINT. But the whole film was great and I loved it and omg D:

*Obsession No. 2: Crispin Glover. I know you think he's creepy, rather than sexy, but I looooove him. He keeps taking these crappy roles and I think he just takes whatever script he can get because he must be very desperate even though he's an immense actor and obvs no one can see it 'cause he's not getting any roles and was in EPIC MOVIE I MEAN WTF and OPEN SEASON 2 I mean come on, he must be crying with happiness when he sees a script shoved in his face and probably doesn't even bother to read it. D: Can't blame a man for wanting money, but he's going to be in that new Tim Burton film so yay and he was awesome in Back To The Future/Twister/Charlie's Angels (llol)/What's Eating Gilbert Grape? so :D

*Obsession No. 3: A Clockwork Orange. I don't know what it is, but it is immense. I've been wanting to see it for everrrr now and I finally saw it and loved it. I'm so sad I actually went out looking for a trilby hat today. I've been wanting one for ages and now I really want one, but I tried one on (£12!!!!!!!!). I totally know my Halloween costume this year as the very good looking Malcolm MacDowell as Alex DeLarge (It was going to be Vampira, Gary Gilmore or Adam Ant, but...), but I really think i'm just looking for a excuse to jump on a table and start singing 'Singin' In The Rain'! My Granmother is all "YOU SHOULDN'T BE WATCHING THOSE SORT OF FILMS IT'LL INFLUENCE YOU" and i'm thinking "lol if I tried to break into someone's house and rape them, they'd just pick me up, plop me outside the door and send me on my merry way. A 4ft 10inches and 6stone 4lbs girl is total dangerous innit.

*Obsession No. 4: Uh, lets think...

Yes, I really am that sad.

But there is more to me that that! Promise...

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