Thursday, 16 April 2009

Obession No. 4 (!!!) And 5... And 6...

Hey, I just thought of one (Go me!!111!!11!)

Obsession No. 4: Bassists. I can't stress enough, but there is something very sensual about a bass. The way you finger it, it's long, streamline body. I've always believed a bass is a representive of a woman, though I do prefer men in the longrun, I am not a prude and I do respect how beautiful a bass's body is. I wish I played a bass, shades on, cool as hell. But I play guitar. Go figure.

Obsession No. 5: Interview With The Vampire. I've only read up to the second book, but it's the most slashable thing ever. Anne Rice might ban slash fanfiction on it, but there are probably a few cults fishing around the interwebz dedicated to it. Basically, The Vampire Louis is all OMG LESTAT IS SO BEAUTIFUL AND SENSUAL AND OMG BUT WHEN I MET ARMAND I FELL IN LOVE WITH HIS BEAUTY STRAIGHT AWAY AND HE CAN LOVE ME AWAY LESTAT COULD HAVE NEVER LOVED /emo
Except obviousy much better written. Read it and love it.

Obsession No. 6: Mod clothing. I love the whole style to death! The tight, striped jeans, the pointed shoes, the block coloured jackets, the ties, the whole androgyny of it! Fashion today is so clad and boring, if only we could go back to the '60s! Watching Quadrophenia roused all of this, the whole 'mods and rockers' era, staring very lovely Phil Daniels (Yes, that Phil Daniels!). I really can't help but buy every block colour jacket I see, even if it costs me a fortune. I now have one in white, black, green, red and blue. I'm well set. ;)

I bid you all a good day.

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