Friday, 17 April 2009

Stripper Vicar

I would do them all.

Obsession No. 8: Yeah Yeah Yeahs. God, I had their new album 'It's Blitz!' for Easter and I love it, omg. I think they are brilliant. Karen O's 'feline yelps' are stunning, Punk has never been so much fun, including Nick Zinner's ferocious guitar and Brian Chase's pounding drums. They are flash, frisky New Yorkans who fit into the sleek and sexy city.

First listen to Date With A Night, Gold Lion, Zero and Maps, I would say those are starter songs, and they rest is just gravy.
On another note, lol@ this song:-
Got to love it.
And at the moment, i'm just mooching off my RE Assesment, which rly needs to be done. Rly.

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